Molly Barnett, Office Manager, United National Equities Corporationbusy-desk

I was tasked with moving our 100+ staff from downtown Houston to The Woodlands and I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of additional work this was, on top of my already busy job.  Then I came across Relocating Your Business and my stress level dropped a lot.  The book was well written and offered practical advice that helped me manage the process.  I then made a great tactical move….I called the author directly and he was easy to reach and approachable.  His guidance and experience was invaluable and I’m offering my highest recommendation for the book and for his company, Your Business Solutions.


Shelia Kliner, COO, Texas Limited Oil & Gas, Inc.CollegesMovingIntoNewMarkets

Got the book, read it and used many of the strategies.  It helped save us thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours!  Thanks.


Bill Marlow, President, Prudent Realty Groupoffice_moving

We used the book and liked it so much that we provide a copy to all of our commercial clients.  Great work Clint.






Steve Smithfield, Equipment FXI

As a business owner, it took me a long time to really see that I just did not know what I did not know. And my challenges as an employer and business person were weighing on my prosperity and enjoyment of the business.  To compound the issues, we had outgrown our space and were forced to move to a larger space.

ofis2This book, unlike others, is obviously written by someone who has been involved with many businesses faced with the prospect of moving, and he shares his experience and the solutions he created in service to helping others to benefit from his learning curve.

RELOCATING YOUR BUSINESS is a blueprint for moving your business with ease and grace, offering the business owner a new way of seeing that leads to a new way of being.

If you own or run a business and need a guide to help you through the tough parts of the move, this book is a great and valuable asset.  We saved thousands and thousands of dollars implementing the author’s ideas.  Thank you Mr. Brinkley!