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These are 5 common mistakes people make when planning their relocation…

Mistake #1:  Most people underestimate how much is involved in doing their company relocation, network relocation, business relocation, phone system relocation .

Moving takes time.  Our team has counseled hundreds of clients through the process and one very common theme when it is all over, they almost all say that they didn’t think it was going to take so much of their time.

Mistake #2:  Another very common mistake is to not start the process early enough.

The most successful moves are planned out well in advance and in a great amount of detail.  We help companies that didn’t start early enough and we get them back on track.  Our process and professional team can save the day.

Mistake #3:  Not getting everything in writing and approved by senior leadership.

This mistake applies to all forms of business but especially for the relocation process.  Getting vendors to put everything in writing is critical as is getting your senior leaders signed off on key decisions and budget.

Mistake #4:  When it is all said and done, many firms don’t take the time to effectively announce the move to their stakeholders.

After all of that hard work, be sure to take the time to celebrate and include your stakeholders in the party!  We almost always have to remind our clients that this is fun and great PR.  Our Marketing Department can handle all of the communications and event planning.

Mistake #5: Many people that are new to relocating don’t involve professionals from the beginning.

I’m the CEO of Your Business Solutions and our Promise is all about helping you relocate your business effectively and efficiently. We have an extremely dedicated team of professionals that’s why we are the best relocation services company and we’d love to discuss how you can implement some of the ideas in my book.  We can share some unique ideas on what others do when confronted with the unique issues of moving their office,IT network,phone system.  Simply fill in the contact form on our contact page and I’ll be sure to connect with you directly or feel free to call me at 713-589-3111 or visit