About the Author:  Clint Brinkley

Author: Clint Brinkley

Author: Clint Brinkley

Clint is the Founder and CEO of Your Business Solutions and his team has helped hundreds of companies with the complicated task of moving their business.

Mr. Brinkley comes from an Entrepreneurial family. Much of his early lessons he learned from his father who owned many businesses in his formidable years. Clint was bitten by the technology bug at an early age earning him the Prodigy label in Jr. High school. In High School electronics class he won First place awards in every competition he entered and assembled the first 386 computer the school ever purchased. The school district later offered him the position of Director of IT, which he declined. Throughout college he excelled at troubleshooting and problem solving by developing alternative solutions to not previously considered.

After exceeding expectations in the few companies Clint worked for after college, he left them to start his own Technology Support firm in 2004 in the middle of all types of personal challenges. Clint became a single father raising two small children who were only 2 and 4 years old at the time.

Since 1994, Clint Brinkley has serviced over 700 companies across 20 or more industries. Clients have come to know and trust his advice as solid and dependable. Many of these business relationships have even developed into friendships. When a client has a concern they come to Clint to discuss and determine possible solutions. Known for his servant leadership philosophy, Clint’s time is in high demand by many top executives.

Over the course of the past twenty years, Clint has assisted, advised and coordinated dozens a corporate business relocation , IT relocation, office relocation ,phone system relocation. This book is a collection of his experiences, lessons and insights. Now he shares these with you to hopefully save you from some of these challenging situations!

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 Dedication:  I dedicate this book to sanity. The sanity that you the reader will be able to keep if you learn from others’ mistakes and follow these proven steps.